Dry Cleaner Cost Share Program Launched

Deborah Carter McCoy

Perchloroethylene or “perc” is a hazardous solvent once commonly used in dry cleaning operations. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed HF91, a bipartisan bill banning a harmful dry cleaning solvent into...

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Code Red for Humanity: Our Response

A joint response from the Staff and Board of Directors

The headlines on Monday, Aug. 9 were terrifying: “Code red for humanity,” “Global climate crisis: inevitable, unprecedented and unavoidable,” and “Wake up to red alert on climate crisis.” We have...

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New platforms for 2021 Policy Forum Series

Christina Vang-Dixon

Our team was in good company as we shifted to virtual events in 2020. Generous Policy Forum Series sponsors supported our creative efforts which included audio casts, video recordings, supplemental...

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The New Age of Recruiting

Evelyn Jaurequi

There is nothing more daunting to a college graduate than job hunting. The usual concerns of salary, location, and position seem to plague all of our minds. However, it is...

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