Minnesota Sustainable Growth Coalition

Meet Stephanie Weir, Project Manager

Stephanie Weir

Hi, there! I’m Stephanie Weir. I’m excited to join Environmental Initiative to support the Sustainability Program as Project Manager. My work at Environmental Initiative will be focused on the Minnesota...

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Member of the Month: Best Buy

Alexis Ludwig-Vogen

At Best Buy, we are thrilled to be Environmental Initiative’s member of the month. As Environmental Initiative celebrates 25 years, I want to reflect on the organization’s impact both on...

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Meet Maddie Norgaard

Rachel Dupree

Environmental Initiative has always been an organization deeply rooted in partnerships that work collaboratively to strategize around complex environmental problems. It’s one reason why we convened the  Minnesota Sustainable Growth...

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Circular Economy in the News

Sam Hanson

The concept of a circular economy is gaining traction in sustainability circles and across the broader American business community. Earlier this summer, a contingent of leading Minnesota businesses and organization...

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