Clean Air Minnesota

Project CAR and Newgate School share a unique partnership

Gillian Greenberg

For approximately 30 young adults each year, training through  Newgate School represents a path to a higher paying job and more stability for themselves and their families. Newgate School in Minneapolis offers free training to lower income students in auto...

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What We’re Excited About

YOU MAKE POWERFUL PARTNERSHIPS POSSIBLE Environmental Initiative’s mission is to “build partnerships to develop collaborative solutions to Minnesota’s environmental problems.” The core of our work rests on our ability to connect with...

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Power in Partnership: Clean Air Minnesota

Jon Emerson-Kramer

Between 2017 and 2019, Clean Air Minnesota replaced 322 wood-burning appliances in Northern Minnesota to reduce wood smoke emissions, completed 31 heavy-duty diesel emissions reduction projects across the state, and...

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“As a person who breathes…”

Rachel Dupree

“As a person who breathes, I just want to thank Environmental Initiative and the City of St. Paul for collaborating to solve these big problems.” —Jessie Shmool, Clean Air Minnesota...

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