Best Buy: Member of the Month

  • July 17, 2019
  • |
  • Alexis Ludwig-Vogen

A New Milestone in Our Sustainability Journey

It’s an exciting time for Best Buy. We are rallying around a mission to enrich lives through technology. We have a new CEO, Corie Barry, poised to lead our company into a new era. And I had the pleasure to announce our new carbon goals at the recent Circularity 19 conference in Minneapolis.

We have been on our sustainability journey for more than a decade. Now, we’re setting new carbon goals that are an important evolution in our commitment to positively impacting the planet. Our goals are twofold: an operational goal and, for the first time, a goal based on energy used by the products we sell.

We made the decision to partner with Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), which ensures our work is aligned with climate science.

The first goal focuses on our operations in North America, including more than 1,100 stores. Through scaling efficiencies like LED lighting and HVAC automation across our properties, and investing in hybrid vehicles for our fleet, we already achieved a 51 percent carbon reduction based on a 2009 baseline. Building on that, we are committing to reduce our carbon emissions 75 percent by 2030 over the same baseline. In addition to finding more efficiencies, we will reach our goal by making investments in on-site solar panels, solar farms, and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

The second goal looks well beyond our own direct impact: We are committed to helping our customers reduce their household carbon emissions. The energy used by the products we sell equates to more than 30 times the carbon used in our operations. Our goal is to help customers reduce emissions by 20 percent and save $5 billion on utility costs by 2030. To achieve this, we will put greater emphasis on ENERGY STAR® electronics, appliances, and other energy-saving devices.

We believe this combination of eco-friendly products and services, along with continued improvements in our own operations, can produce measurable results for everyone.

To learn more, I encourage you to read our latest Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report and follow @BestBuyCSR on Twitter.

Best Buy is a member of the Minnesota Sustainable Growth Coalition, a sponsor of the Environmental Initiative Awards, and a strong supporter of our work and mission.