Barr Engineering Co.: Member of the Month

  • June 18, 2019
  • |
  • Andy Polzin

Barr Engineering Co. is honored to be featured as Environmental Initiative’s member of the month and to have this opportunity to reflect on our work with Environmental Initiative and what it means to us—and has meant to us since the organization’s inception.

Barr is an employee-owned engineering and environmental consulting firm with ten offices across North America and over 800 employees. Our company was incorporated over 50 years ago in Minnesota and we are headquartered here. Some of Barr’s most active members include Mike Hansel, Michelle Stockness, Rachel Walker and myself.

Barr has worked with Environmental Initiative since its earliest days. We are proud to have been a founding partner of Clean Air Minnesota in the early 2000s and pleased to be a new member of the Minnesota Sustainable Growth Coalition. We agree with Environmental Initiative’s mission of building partnerships to develop collaborative solutions to Minnesota’s environmental problems.

We work with both the public and private sectors and through our work and interactions with these clients we, too, see the benefit of working together to help communities and the environment. We recognize collaboration as one of the best ways to drive progress and action on difficult issues. We appreciate that Environmental Initiative is willing to take the lead on addressing these difficult issues and promote the conversations needed to try and find a path forward.

At Barr, we recognize that we’ve benefited greatly from our work with Environmental Initiative over the years. The people we’ve met and the conversations we’ve had have enabled us to develop lasting relationships. Through our membership and the opportunities for interaction Environmental Initiative provides, we’re able to engage with the essential environmental issues of the day. We look forward to continuing our involvement and service. Thank you, Environmental Initiative!