Steps must be taken to reduce disparities in air pollution exposure

Air quality experts share insights on the unequal burdens of pollution on people of color and offer solutions to positively impact communities carrying the heaviest burdens.

The collaborative journey of boatbuilding

The Northside Safety NET interns recently transformed a blank canvas and a pile of pine into a 15-foot skin-on-frame canoe with only a wood steamer, power drill, Japanese handsaw, some chisels, and a plethora of clamps. Boatbuilding is a magical,…

Meet the Clean Air Minnesota co-chairs

Meet the co-chairs of Clean Air Minnesota, Jon Hunter and Tony Kwilas. The two have worked on air quality throughout their careers. As chairs, they advise the work pursued by Clean Air Minnesota to reduce air pollutants.

Our role in helping reduce air emissions

An overview of some of the air work convened by Environmental Initiative. These programs help reduce pollutants through numerous avenues, including helping small businesses secure funding to replace sources of emissions with cleaner alternatives and educating groups on air quality standards and sources of pollution.

Moving towards a circular economy

The business-led Sustainable Growth Coalition, convened by Environmental Initiative, held a panel to circularity and waste. The Coalition is harnessing various expertise through collaboration to grow the circular economy, which members see as the next frontier of corporate sustainability, driving innovation, uncovering new business growth opportunities, and allowing communities to thrive.  While efforts to move towards a circular economy are underway, many companies are still in the early stages of adoption and determining how their work would fit into this model.

Minnesota’s electrification efforts expand

Minnesota is in the process of electrification, which is transitioning to technology that relies on electricity rather than fossil fuels. Minnesota is ahead of other Midwest states in this effort thanks to the passage of the Energy…

Markets needed to support on-farm conservation efforts

Lively chatter filled the hotel conference room, with many people commenting on how good it was to be back together. For the first time in almost two years, Environmental Initiative was hosting an in-person event.  Attendees ventured…