Clean Air

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Project Clean Air Repairs

Environmental Initiative is partnering with two local nonprofit garages to pilot a project to reduce emissions from older passenger vehicles like cars and light-duty trucks. We’ll reduce emissions by targeting...

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Project Stove Swap

Project Stove Swap connects residents with local wood stove stores to exchange their inefficient wood stove, identify potential discounts for a new model, and breathe easier.

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Clean Air Assistance Project

Environmental Initiative is partnering with the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Minnesota Technical Assistance Program and Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy to connect businesses with the financial and technical resources available to voluntarily...

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Project Green Fleet

Project Green Fleet works with businesses owners and fleet operators to upgrade older, less efficient diesel equipment with newer models that release fewer emissions.

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Clean Air Minnesota

Clean Air Minnesota is a diverse coalition of air quality leaders convened by Environmental Initiative who are working voluntarily and proactively to reduce air pollution. The overarching goal of Clean Air Minnesota...

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Minnesota’s Clean Air Dialogue

Environmental Initiative facilitated a conversation between leaders from business, government, and nonprofits to identify cost-effective strategies to improve air quality and avoid violation of federal air quality standards for fine...

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