The Federal Farm Bill: Supporting Vibrant & Sustainable Minnesota Communities

About this Event

Attendees looked at the current Farm Bill reauthorization process, competing and cooperative interests that shape its policies, and the impact potential new changes will have on Minnesota. Connecting all these pieces, participants also feature a discussion on how the Farm Bill can best support vibrant and sustainable Minnesota communities.

No matter your focus— agricultural land conservation, food security, rural economic development, education, water policy, etc.— you’re probably aware of the Agricultural Act of 2014, also known as the Farm Bill. It’s a broad piece of legislation that shapes federal programs and that impacts food access, agriculture, and rural development. This legislation and the funding it authorizes have far-reaching impacts on virtually every community in Minnesota and are particularly critical to the future of rural areas.

The Farm Bill must be reauthorized every four years, and with each reauthorization, it changes in size, scope, and the problems it tries to address. Historically, the Farm Bill is a bipartisan piece of legislation, even in politically divided times, thanks to the broad coalition of interests behind it. However, our current political climate challenges even the strongest of bipartisan coalitions, and the Farm Bill is making headlines for concerns as diverse as the programs it supports.


Keynote: Tina May, Senior Director of Sustainability, Land O’ Lakes, Inc.


  • Ben Anderson, Federal Policy Organizer, Land Stewardship Project
  • Jeremy Bennett, Acting Assistant State Conservationist – Financial Assistance Programs, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service
  • Amanda Bilek, Senior Public Policy Director, Minnesota Corn Growers Association
  • LeAnn Buck, Executive Director, Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts
  • Colby Duren, Policy Director, Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative
  • Teresa Kittridge, Vice President & COO, Rural Policy Research Institute
  • Kevin Stukenberg, Senior Risk Management Specialist, USDA Risk Management Agency


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