Building a More Resilient and Just Economy in the Twin Cities Region

During Environmental Initiative’s 2020 Policy Forum Series, we’re tackling the overarching question: How are the COVID-19 pandemic, economic instability, and calls for racial justice impacting environmental policy and decision making in this moment? In each forum, we strive to tackle this question’s application to a particular sector: local economy, food systems, and transportation. 

The Twin Cities region is currently faced with unprecedented opportunities to address racial disparities and unsustainable resource consumption through its economic recovery. We have seen the onset of the worst pandemic in over a century, followed by economic collapse, civil unrest and a national reckoning with centuries of racial injustices. In the midst of these interconnected crises, we are asked to consider new and integrated approaches to build a more resilient and just economy in the Twin Cities Region.

Join us for an online policy forum to hear from panelists, build relationships with attendees, and explore how these ideas could apply to your work.

Our Panelists

  • Andrea Ferstan, Vice President of Systems Innovation, Center for Economic Inclusion
  • Bree Halverson, Minnesota Regional Program Manager, BlueGreen Alliance
  • Robert Lilligren, Council Member District 7, Metropolitan Council and President/CEO, Native American Community Development Institute
  • Amanda Taylor, Vice President, Research & Intelligence, Greater MSP

Will Explore…

New, interrelated, and geographically explicit approaches to regional economic and land development with the goal of creating wealth in traditionally marginalized communities, creating high-value green jobs, and building resilient, healthy communities.

The role of resilient local supply chains in furthering environmental, social and economic equity outcomes.

The role of the Regional Economic Framework in the development of and securing funding for a more prosperous, inclusive and equitable regional economy. The recently adopted framework was developed by the Metropolitan Council in partnership with GREATER MSP and the Center for Economic Inclusion.

“The reimagination of the regional economy means preparing the region for a post-COVID-19 future that may include new emerging sectors of strength, new methods of education and training delivery, new kinds of jobs requiring reskilling, and improved resiliency in supply chains to prepare for future disruptions. A reimagined regional economy means focusing recovery strategies to support BIPOC communities that were disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.”  – Excerpt from the Regional Economic Framework

Webinar Schedule

9:00      Welcome
9:10      Networking Breakouts
9:20      Live! Panel Conversation with Q&A
10:00    Self-Directed Application Breakouts
10:20    Closing
10:30    Adjourn

Engaging Digital Format 

  1. Pre-recorded audio content for registrants featuring speaker interviews.
  2. Interactive webinars to include relationship-building opportunities, a panel, Q&A with panelists, and application-focused, self-directed break-out groups.
  3. Summary audio content and further reading including key points from speakers and reflections from participants about lessons learned and next steps.

Learn more about this year’s approach and the Policy Forum Series as a whole.