2020 Legislative Preview

Join Environmental Initiative for our 19th annual Legislative Preview to hear from bipartisan legislative leaders about their environmental priorities for the 2020 legislative session. Legislators will speak to a wide range of environmental topics, including access to benefits from natural resources, land use decisions, public health, rural vitality, and green jobs, as well as how they plan to engage stakeholders in decision making.

Examples of the types of questions we anticipate asking are:

  1. What are your priorities for this upcoming session?
  2. What should the environmental community keep an eye out for?
  3. What principles guide your approach to setting priorities for environmental funding and policy development?
  4. How will you engage stakeholders from the public sector, private sector, and communities you serve in decision-making?

What environmental policy and legislative issues do you want to hear about?

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Below are our confirmed speakers to date. We strive to have bipartisan representation at this event, and are still working to confirm more speakers to help us achieve that. We will update the speaker list as more speakers are confirmed.

  • Representative Jamie Becker-Finn (DFL), District 42B
  • Senator Scott Dibble (DFL), District 61
  • Representative Rick Hansen (DFL), District 52A
  • Representative Frank Hornstein (DFL), District 61A
  • Senator Eric Pratt (R), District 55
  • Representative Paul Torkelson (R), District 16B
  • Representative Jean Wagenius (DFL), District 63B


8:00 a.m.          Registration & Networking

8:30 a.m.          Welcome

9:00 a.m.          Panel: Addressing Climate and Air Quality Priorities

This panel will cover topics such as climate mitigation, air quality, energy infrastructure and policy, transportation, circular economy, and more.

10:30 a.m.        Networking Break

11:00 a.m.        Panel: Accessing Natural Resource Benefits

This panel will cover topics such as land use decisions, agriculture, water, mining, climate adaptation, and more.

12:30 p.m.        Event End

For more information on what to expect, please read more about our Policy Forum Series. If you are interested in this event, please register here. For help with registration, please contact Rachel Geissinger at 612-334-3388 ext. 8122.