2018 Legislative Preview


Participants at the 17th annual legislative preview forum heard from legislative leaders about their environmental priorities for the 2018 session. We explored a wide range of topics, including natural resource protection and funding, public health, sustainable development, water, energy, transportation, and more.


  • Senator Scott Dibble, (DFL) District 61
  • Senator Chris Eaton, (DFL) District 40
  • Representative Dan Fabian, (R) District 01A
  • Representative Rick Hansen, (DFL) District 52A
  • Representative Frank Hornstein, (DFL) District 61A
  • Representative Melissa Hortman, (DFL) District 36B
  • Senator Carrie Ruud, (R) District 10
  • Representative Paul Torkelson, (R) District 16B
  • Representative Dean Urdahl, (R) District 18A



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