Facilitating small group activities as an intern while planning workshops hosted by a small municipal government in Bolivia reoriented by my perspective. I had come into college thinking I wanted to work on sustainable development challenges around the world. I graduated humbled by the need to build more sustainable and equitable communities in the United States.  

After graduation, I worked as a sustainability specialist for the town of Truckee, California. One of the projects I enjoyed the most was collaborating with a task force of community leaders to develop a community climate adaptation plan. Climate adaptation is one of many cross-cutting societal issues that requires a collaborative approach. The joy I found in this work led me to seek additional opportunities to work at the intersection of relationship and action.  

My work at Environmental Initiative has given me an opportunity to develop relationships across sectors and topic areas while exploring novel approaches to addressing natural resource and climate challenges. Delving deeper into our food and agriculture system over the past years has been especially rewarding as partners and projects have taught me new ways of thinking about human impact on natural systems in the Midwest.