I am drawn to Environmental Initiative by the opportunity to forge connections and resist the polarization in our current society while recognizing that some of that mistrust has deep and justifiable roots. The value Environmental Initiative places on justice and leadership resonates with me and inspires my work both within and outside of the organization.  

I am currently doing a lot of work related to energy equity. I focus on reducing emissions, improving energy affordability, supporting workforce diversification, and working for more inclusive decision-making in the energy space – through program design, creating new projects, and informing policy decisions. My role has been as a listener and navigator both within and between organizations, while individuals develop trust and learn how to make changes which result in benefits for the energy grid, human health, and the environment. This work is very similar to the work that Environmental Initiative specializes in. My experience translates as we work as a board to effect change.  

If you are interested in getting involved in Environmental Initiative’s work, determine what values you share with our organization and connect with us.